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Single Mom Dressed Up As a Man For Her Son’s “Dad’s And Donuts” Day At School

A single mom in Utah dressed as Daddy for a day.

Her kindergartener came home with a note about a “Dads and Donuts” day at his school her heart “kinda sank.”

When she sat him down to ask him if he wanted his grandpa to go he replied with a smile and said no, “I want you to go. You’re my mom and my dad.” So she painted facial hair, donned her best dad outfit, and went to school with her proud son. Though embarrassed, she couldn’t help but smile when her son introduced her to his little friends saying “this is my mom... she’s my dad too so I brought her!”

When she went to leave he ran after her, hugged her tight around the neck and whispered “mom, I know that you’ll do anything for me. Thank you. I love you” and kissed her on the cheek and ran off.

Her post went viral.

Source: Redbook