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This Couple Canceled Their $350,000 Wedding After Their Family Brawled At The Rehearsal Dinner

Amy Bzura and Brad Moss were supposed to be married last year on October 29th. However, the relationship ended at the couple’s rehearsal dinner the night before. 

The trouble began when Amy’s brother asked to speak at the dinner. This allegedly angered the groom’s father.

According to a lawsuit filed by Amy’s father, the argument culminated in the groom-to-be’s brother punching the bride-to-be’s brother in the face. The groom’s father also tried to attack, but was restrained.

The lawsuit states, “The rehearsal dinner ended in shouting and tears."

The groom’s father then allegedly called off the wedding, and told his son if he got married anyway he would cut him out of his will. This “effectively destroyed the bride and groom’s relationship for good."

Amy’s father has now sued his daughter’s would-be in-laws over the costs of the aborted wedding, which he estimated to be $350,000, and which he said he was mainly responsible for.

The lawsuit is actually the second filed over the aborted wedding. Last year, Brad Moss sued his ex-fiancé to recoup the money for her $125,000 ring

Source: Buzzfeed