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Dad Gives Daughter Epic 'Beauty And The Beast' Photo Shoot

For Valentine’s Day a dad decided to make his daughter feel like a princess… LITERALLY!

Josh Rossi, a commercial photographer, set up a photo shot with his daughter styled as the favorite Disney princess movie, “Beauty and the Beast”.

Nellee is a 3-year-old who was dressed up as Belle in commissioned luxury costume designer Ella Dynae to create dresses for the shot.

It took a month for the parents of Nellee to plan, shot and edit the montage of the Disney fairytale.

Rossi photographed the whole shot himself, planning the photos was a family project for Josh Rossi and his wife.

His wife Roxana booked all of the European shooting locations ahead of time and secured the costumes, among other shoot details.

Rossi wrote in an email, “Usually we are just playing games our kids like. This time we play a game we both truly love, which is taking magical pictures together."

He continued in his email.

"I honestly hope that dads will get inspired to spend more time with their daughters and find something they can do together to connect."