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Teacher Proposes To Another Teacher In Front Of His 5th Grade Class

A group of fifth graders in West Carrollton, Ohio went bonkers after their science teacher proposed to their math teacher this week. 

The students had apparently been suspicious of their romance, so the teacher decided to put the rumors to rest and he confessed his love in front of their elementary school class. 

The teacher who did the proposing said, "Some [said] they were snooping on Facebook and saw that we were in a relationship." 

The teachers have spent the last two years working together so he thought proposing at work would be the best way to go.

 He said, "We met because of that school, we became friends because of that school, we fell in love because of that school. I spoke to my principal to make sure she thought it was appropriate to do and she was all for it." 

He stood in front of all his students and asked if they heard a rumor about him and "Miss Barker dating.""The answer is yes, we are dating. We are a little bit more than dating because I am completely in love with her. I was wondering if Miss Barker would like to become Mrs. Seifert." 

After she said “yes”, other teachers and students "bum-rushed" the couple and gave them a group hug.