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There is a New Cafe That Is Turning Pop-Tarts Into Pizza, Tacos, And Even Fries

There will be a Pop Tart Café in New York City this week where you can get the breakfast treat turned into pizza and tacos.  

Kellogg's opened a breakfast cereal bar in New York last July and is going to convert it into a shrine for the Pop-Tart all this week

Items on the menu include the Personal Pop-Tarts Pizza… which will have a crust made of Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts, with a strawberry filling takes the place of the marinara sauce and frosting serving in place of cheese.

There will also be Pop-Tarts Burritos which are actually more crepes and will come in three varieties: S'mores, Nutty Caramel Banana and Chocolate-covered Strawberry.

Source: CBS