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Justin Bieber Explains The Stain On His Pants

Pictures of Justin exploded all over the internet made the heart throb post an explanation on Twitter.

On Wednesday in a West Hollywood parking lot, a paparazzo tried to ask Justin Bieber if he was still pissed at The Weeknd for stealing his ex, Selena Gomez. 

But it was literal piss which evidently formed a big stain on Bieber's sweats that got everyone's attention.

"Biebs was cruisin' along Wednesday in WeHo in $700 sweats.

As Elite Daily points out, Bieber was also photographed walking around with the same stain while drinking a green drink. 

The lettering on his sweats read, "Eleven Inch Gun Club," so you know Biebs packs a potent tool with which to soil his trousers.

After Bieber received backlash from the internet about the wet stain on his pants he made fun of himself by posting this memo of himself on Twitter hours later.