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Netflix Signs a Deal with Comedian Tracy Morgan

Netflix announced Friday that it would be exclusively streaming Tracy Morgan's upcoming comedy special 'Staying Alive'.  

Netflix sent out a press release: Tracy Morgan’s “Staying Alive” finds the comedy icon exploring his fresh take on life, career and mortality in the wake of surviving a devastating near-fatal traffic collision in 2014. 

From coping with a traumatic brain injury and learning to walk again to “falling for” his physical therapist and deciding that maybe getting older isn’t such a bad thing, Morgan is back in true form and tackles the most trying time of his life with grace, strength and the jaw-droppingly hilarious point of view fans have grown to love.   

'Staying Alive' hits Netflix May 16. Netflix's other upcoming comedy deals include specials from Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and Amy Schumer.

Source: Mashable Hollywood Reporter