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Jimmy Kimmel Recaps Oscars Snafu: "Clyde Threw Bonnie Under the Bus!"

One night after what might be the biggest Oscars snafu in history, Jimmy Kimmel took to his show to give his take on what happened when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway mistakenly presented the best picture award to "La La Land" over "Moonlight".Kimmel joked, "What Warren did is he was confused so he handed it to Faye and let her read the winner. 

In other words, Clyde through Bonnie under the bus. It was a slick move.

"Kimmel said that during the mix-up he was seated in the audience preparing to end the Oscars next to Matt Damon, who Kimmel jokingly had a back and forth with throughout the ceremony, extending their ongoing "feud."Kimmel said, "We noticed some commotion going on and Matt says I think I heard the stage manager say they got the winner wrong. The stage manager is never on camera. It’s very unusual."

Kimmel said that when he joined the commotion onstage, Denzel Washington was trying to catch his attention to have him let "Moonlight" director Barry Jenkins give his acceptance speech he expressed after the "La La Land" producers handed over their statuettes to the correct winners.

Kimmel added, "People around me said, 'oh did you pull a prank of some kind'.  If I had pulled a prank I wouldn’t just have the wrong winner’s name on the envelope. when they opened it there would be like a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon at the end of it." 

After the show, Kimmel said he spoke with Warren Beatty in the green room. Beatty told him the card he was given had Emma Stone's name on it, resulting in the fact that both Stone and Beatty held the two copies of the best actress card that PricewaterhouseCoopers made instead of Beatty holding the best picture card.

Kimmel, however, joked that Dunaway made a "getaway" before having to give an explanation."Faye Dunaway made quite a getaway. She got the hell out of there. She read the wrong name and she split. She wanted no part of it."

Source: Hollywood Reporter