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Kathy Hilton Bizarrely Tweets That Jennifer Aniston's Pregnant

For reasons unknown, Kathy Hilton (mother of Paris and Nicky) took to Twitter this week to tell the world that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. 

"Jennifer Aniston looks so beautiful tonight," Hilton wrote on Monday, presumably in the wee hours after Sunday night's Oscars. "I am telling you she is having a baby girl. 100 percent!!!" 

She accompanied her claim with several emojis, including hearts and four-leaf clovers. 

Hilton has since deleted the tweet, while E! reports that her claim is completely false. A source tells the outlet that the 48-year-old Aniston doesn't even know Hilton. "Shame on her," adds the insider. "It's so rude."

Source: E! News