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CNN Slammed Over All-Male "Future of Media" Feature

The Hollywood Reporter's new cover story is on CNN and the "future of media" but people were quick to point out that it doesn't include any women. 

The cover instead features personalities like CNN president Jeff Zucker, anchor Jake Tapper, comedian W. Kamau Bell, and chef Anthony Bourdain discussing the network's "battle for news dominance." 

Twitter users were quick to slam the network's all-male roster and wondered if any of the individuals photographed bothered to object to the absence of a female. Here are 10 of their most scathing tweets:

1. I mean, to be fair, I do believe the future of media looks like a bunch of self-satisfied dudes staring at me.

2. Gents, not one of you noticed, "We're all dudes. That doesn't seem right?"

3. The future of media is 100% straight men and 4/5 white? Nope. Nopeity Nope. 

4. I find it a liiiittle hard to believe THR couldn't find ONE woman at CNN who could sit in on the cover shoot.

5. Hey CNN, women can fight your new war, too, you know.

6. I'm pretty sure the future of media also has some ladies.

7. These CNN men are doing INCREDIBLE things. The women are also killing it by the way. 

8. "The genders are equal!" argument falls apart when only men get to do all the cool stuff like walk on the moon or be the future of news.

9. I guess the future of media isn't female. 

10. Happy #WomensHistoryMonth, folks.