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You Will Soon Be Able To Order Pizza Hut With Your Shoes

Now you will be able to order Pizza Hut with your shoes.

The Shoe Surgeon, a custom sneaker maker in LA, has made 64 pairs of "Pie Tops" to commemorate the 64 teams who will make it into the NCAA March Madness college basketball tournament.

The shoes will be given to “influencers and people in the media.”

However, fans of Pizza Hut may also have a chance to win a few pairs as well, although there are no details yet as to how.

In order for the show to work, you just push the button on the tongue of the right show. 

That triggers the Pie Tops mobile app to order the pizza for you. 

The shoes are connected to your phone via Bluetooth.

As for the toppings on your pizza, that's all changed in the app. 

It's also where you can change how easy it is to order with your shoe so that you don’t accidentally order.