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A Teen Accidentally Texts Her Boyfriend Explaining How She Is Currently Cheating On Him

Do you have a phobia or fear that is always in the back of your mind?

Does it happen to be sending a text about someone to them by mistake?

That is what happened to one girl named Zoe who is from Baltimore when she accidentally texted her boyfriend a wrong text explaining how she was cheating on him.

In detail she texts how she feel terrible about what she has done.

Zoe thought she was texting her friend to make her feel better but as a mistake she ended up sending the message to her now ex-boyfriend Jordan McNelly.

The couple was together for two years and while Jordan was working 60 plus hours a week to save up money for the two to move to Florida.

He decided to take out his anger through social media by posting the text from his ex on Twitter for the whole world to see and know about as a public shame on her!

The heartbroken twenty-two-year-old has since received hundreds of thousands of messages of support on Twitter from random people across the web.

Jordan took to social media to clear the air tweeting, 'Zoe doesn't have twitter so can y'all please stop harassing everybody named Zoe'.

Do you think Jordan should give Zoe another chance since he publically shamed her or did he take it one step too far for Zoe to forgive him to get back together?

The broken hearted guy took to Twitter to express his feelings about how his two year relationship ended with his girlfriend...