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High School Choir Has A Touching Message For A Solider Who Was Being Flown Back To Texas To Be Laid To Rest

Diane Hollified Cupp flew back from her vacation to Europe touring historic sites related to World War II with her husband.

During her flight back to her home in Johnson City, Tennessee her life would be described as changed.

When one of the flight attendants said there were remains of a soldier on the plane to be flown back to Houston, Texas to be laid to rest.

When the flight from Germany landed in Atlanta, the captain of the flight said over the speaker that an Army private was onboard escorting the remains of a WWII soldier to his final resting place in Houston, Texas.

This solider would get the privilege to get off the plane first.

When the Army Private got up to leave the plane the Iowa Ambassadors of Music Choir who were also on the flight rose from their seats.

The members of the choir started to sing, ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’

There could have not been a better way for the World War II hero and his Army private escort to be shown respect.

 Cupp caught the awe-inspiring moment on camera!

The high school choir performers said singing:

Glory, glory, hallelujah!Glory, glory, hallelujah!Glory, glory, hallelujah!His truth is marching on.

Cupp uploaded the video to her Facebook page and added this statement to her status:

“On our flight from Germany there was an Army private in uniform that so happen to be escorting the remains of a WW11 Soldier back home to Houston. The pilot announced he would be exiting the plane first, as he got up to leave there were a group of young people who had been on tour in Europe all of a sudden they broke out singing Glory Hallelujah. Listen how beautiful!! Will bring a tear to your eye.”

Cupp commented more on the emotional experience.

“To see those young people do that just melted my heart,” Cupp told WSB-TV. “It was absolutely beautiful, to see the respect that these kids had, I just had to capture it,” Cupp said. “It was an awesome treat for me and something I will never forget.”

The video posted on her Facebook page has more than 1.8 million views making it get picked up by news outlets to report on for stories during their news cast.