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Netflix Launches A Virtual Personal Trainer

Netflix has released a guide that shows you how to build a virtual personal trainer that will have the voice of one of Netflix’s most popular characters.

The new how-to guide is the latest release from “Netflix Make It” - that’s a series of DIY projects that help you to hack everyday objects.

You need a long list of electrical materials to build your pocket trainer. 

Smaller devices requires a 3D-printed case, a single cell charger, accelerometer and a bluetooth audio module, among other objects.

The personal trainer is designed to connect to your phone or tablet using Bluetooth. 

Device monitors your workout and every time you fall below your goal, your Netflix character will offer you some motivational words to help you keep going.

If you also happen to be watching Netflix on iOS while working out, your Personal Trainer will auto-pause your show every time you stop and deliver more motivational goodness.

'In other words, 'If you want to keep watching, you gotta keep moving.'