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Wine-Infused Coffee Is Here So You Officially Can Now Have It Both Ways

The folks at Molinari Private Reserve — a Nappa Valley café — have created wine-infused coffee. 

By taking wine and roasting it with coffee beans, they have made a wine-infused blend that smells like wine but tastes like coffee with a hint of blueberry. The MPR website says the more milk you add the more the coffee tastes like wine. They also suggest letting the coffee sit because, like wine, the longer it sits the better it tastes. Also, you can chill the coffee overnight for a wine-infused iced coffee.  

You're not going to get drunk off of this, because the wine is infused in the coffee for flavor than anything else. Select stores around Nappa Valley will be selling the ~wine coffee~ and it's also available online for $20.

Source: TIME