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This Teen Was Seen With A Taquito In Her Mouth & Was Accused Of Smoking!

Have you ever been accused of doing something you haven’t done?

Well this high school senior from Kansas knows how you feel!

Sarah Holder was eating a taquito on the go when her neighbor sent her a crazy text message!

During a nice Sunday Sarah’s neighbor Amy who Sarah baby sits for texted her explaining her husband Randy seen the teen driving with what looked like to be a cigar in her mouth.

“A lot of children live on the street so I will speak on their behalf and request you keep your habits private from the kids!” she wrote.

Little did Amy know Sarah was eating a taquito and not smoking a cigar…

Holder posted her text message on Twitter for all of the social world to see.

Sarah was interviewed by BuzzFeed News because of the response the high schooler has gotten from the Internet.

“I feel bad because in my opinion my neighbor is crazy nice and I get where she’s coming from,” Sarah told BuzzFeed News. 

“She hasn’t responded, I’m assuming out of embarrassment.”

With more than 15,000 people retweeting the original tweet everyone has a positive and funny response to the text message as Sarah.