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Catholic School Publishes 20-Page Dress Code For Prom That Claims Some Girls Can Wear Styles That Others Can't Because Of Their Different Body Types

A Catholic high school in Illinois is being accused of sexism and body shaming after releasing guidelines on how students should dress for the prom.

The school issued a 20-page rule book complete with pictures on what is and isn't acceptable to wear at this year's prom but there are more rules for some students than others.

Many are upset because there are many more restricts for girls than guys, and they say that some ladies can get away with wearing things that others cannot due to their body types.

The guidelines, which are available to read online ahead of the May 6 dance, state that anyone who does not adhere to the rules will not be allowed in. 

On their website there is this statement about the current guidelines.

"Boylan Catholic High School dances are an event, which reflects the philosophy of our school and the teachings of the Catholic Church. Among our most important considerations is adherence to Church teachings regarding modesty [sic]."