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Divers Save A Shark That Was Tangled In A Rope

Brave divers rescued a dusky shark that was tangled in a rope that was embedded into its skin.

Video shows three divers grabbing hold of the shark and cutting the rope.

The shark swam away with some deep wounds from the rope. 

Skyler Thomas who is a diver and film-maker tackling issues facing the existence of sharks caught the photos of the shark.

He has been diving with sharks for over 20 years but this was one of his most memorable encounters he has had.

"This was really special because of several factors," he said.

"One, this is a shark, two this is an animal that is in a vulnerable position, it's injured and feels possibly like it is under even more threat from these big animals that are swimming around it," He continued.

"Sharks have to swim in order to breathe, so combine all of those elements, and the fact that this shark slowed down and was held down for long enough for someone to help it, makes all of it pretty spectacular."