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A "Promposal" Has A High School Runner Running Across Town

Two high school cross-country athletes are running off to prom after a very creative approach.

All Joran Fuller needed for his ‘promposal’ was a pair of running shoes, his iPhone and some mapping creativity.

In Findlay, Ohio Fuller shared on "Strava" (a running app where users post various forms of physical activity) a route of a total of 5.5 miles, marking his destinations along the way. Each point where he turned eventually spelt out the word "Prom?"

The route was shared on Twitter saying "hey Claire." The post was retweeted and liked at least 60,000 times in the past 48 hours.

After saying yes, Claire Short tweeted saying "but did your prom date run 5.5 miles to ask you?" That post has been retweeted and shared over a total of 125,000 times.

Their prom is set for April 29th.

Source: Running