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Real Life "Notebook" Scenario Happens... Couple Dies 23 Hours Apart

An elderly couple married nearly 70 years died 23 hours apart in a Florida nursing home. Elmer was 93 and Ruth was 89. 

Elmer passed away first, and his wife followed him the next day. The family said he had an unwavering love for his wife and always wanted to die with her. 

Their romance was said to have had a “godly connection” by the home’s administrator, and that they were definitely soulmates. Their love was a real life resemblance to the fictional Nicholas Sparks book and film, "The Notebook". 

Ruth suffered from dementia for nearly 20 years and was paid daily visits by her husband until he was diagnosed with cancer and admitted into the home last year. The couple shared a room. Elmer’s granddaughter said her grandfather told her he had to go first, “so he could hold the door open” for Ruth. 

Ruth died from the widowhood effect, or broken heart syndrome, a phenomena known to occur in people with long-term relationships who die shortly after another. 

Another recent and notable example of this was actress Debbie Reynolds, who died one day after her daughter Carrie Fischer, and after telling her son “I want to be with Carrie.”

Source: DailyMail