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Groom Tells Bride They’ve Become ‘Family Of 3,’ Then He Points Behind Her

Weddings... they're filled with happiness, laughter, and most of the time they tend to have their fair share of surprises.

One big surprise happened when Jeff Althoff, the new husband to now-wife Jenna, recently celebrated their wedding.

During their reception, Jeff gave a speech in front of all their guests regarding a surprise gift he had for his bride.

“Would you agree with me that the last few hours have been the best hours of your life as a family of two?” he asked Jenna. “Well, I’m proud to announce that we have now became a family of three!” Jeff says.

Jenna smiles but with confusion, knowing that she wasn't pregnant and has no current children.

As she turns around, her face explains it all... she sees a furry guest coming her way.

It was a British Labrador puppy!

Jenna had wanted a puppy of her own her entire life.