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Hilarious Kids "Video-Bomb" Dad's Interview... Parents Now Laughing About It

The couple behind the latest viral sensation is speaking out explaining what led to the adorable clip of two children crashing dad's live BBC interview.

While professor Robert Kelly did the interview over Skype from his home office, his wife Kim Jung-A was in the other room with the couple's two children, recording the interview from the TV using her phone. 

When 4-year-old Marion saw her father on screen, she got excited; likely recognizing the room he was speaking from, she ran off to find him without her mother noticing. 

Her 8-month-old brother James was quick to follow her in his baby walker and because of a slight delay, Kim didn't see her children appear onscreen until they had already been in the room for a few moments.

Professor Kelly takes full responsibility for the incident; he usually locks the door when he does interviews from his office. Kelly and Kim feared he might not be invited for any more live interviews, but the BBC quickly saw the clip's potential and asked Kelly if it could run the clip online. 

He initially declined, then agreed, then found himself having to put his phone on "airplane mode" the following day as it blew up with notifications.

The couple says Marion and James didn't get in trouble. Dad says,  "Yes I was mortified, but I also want my kids to feel comfortable coming to me. I mean, it was terribly cute."

The couple also explained Marion's sassy walk as she entered the office: "She was in a hippity-hoppity mood that day" because she'd celebrated her birthday at school.  

The video of the now-famous interrupted interview posted by the BBC to Facebook has more than 85 million views.

Source: Envision Content, WSJ