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Woman Wakes Up To A Shocking Surprise From Her Headphones

A woman’s headphones caused chaos on a flight to Australia after they exploded when she fell asleep listening to music.

The unidentified passenger started to nap two hours into her flight from Beijing to Melbourne and awoke when she began to feel a burning sensation on her face.

Photos show the young woman’s face covered with what appears to be soot, with her hair and hand singed from the exploding electronics.

She says she threw the headphones to the ground when they began to spark, and eventually put them in a bucket of water for the rest of the flight.

“People were coughing and choking the entire way home” as the smell of burnt metal and plastic lingered.

The woman also suffered blisters to her hand.The cause of the mini-blast is believed to be the batteries in the headphones — which were not identified by brand.

Source: NY Daily News