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Is Kanye West Releasing a Secret Project on Monday?

MTV is reporting that Kanye West may be dropping a surprise project on Monday that has something to do with NASA. 

According to the outlet, a cardboard box was delivered to their New York Office on Wednesday that consisted of a second box bearing the logo for NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab. 

Inside that box was a VHS tape labeled "E PLURIBUS UNUM"; a white credit card with Kanye West's name, the number 772233688, and the words NASA, PROJECT-10, and 8/10. 

The box also included a tiny plastic case also labeled PROJECT: 10. 

A visit to gives fans more of the same: references to KANYE WEST, NASA, and PROJECT 10, as well as a video with white noise and the date March 20.

A representative from NASA has since confirmed, "It’s not from us. The NASA logo used on the box is an old logo retired in 1992."