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Mother's hilarious Facebook Live Rant About Her Son's Dirty School Bathrooms Goes Viral

A Georgia woman’s Facebook rant about the dirty bathrooms at her son’s middle school has gone viral.

When the woman noticed the condition of the bathroom, she turned her phone on herself and said, “Y’all see tha? There’s no soap. This some s***. This some bulls***.”

She then turned the camera on the makeshift plywood doors on the bathroom stalls. 

Some of the toilets were covered in black trash bags to show they were out of order.

The woman then told the camera, “There's no toilet paper. There's no doors.  This little girl came in  here and I had to stand guard like how we do in the club. This right here is crazy.”

She ended the video which has been viewed over 20,000 times by interviewing students in the hallway.

The school said the bathroom was about to be cleaned and restocked.