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Panda Express Just Stepped Up Their Food Game!

Panda Express is planning on releasing an Orange Chicken "Burrito" that has us freaking out! 

The food chain has been experimenting the new entrée at their Innovation Kitchen in Pasadena, CA.

It is actually a "Chinese Bing" or wrap that acts as a burrito with a thin scallion pancake acting as the tortilla.

Even though it is a tortilla there are some noticeable differences in the taste of the scallion pancake.

The bing acted as a canvas for us to create the most intricate of burritos, combining a plethora of different meats, starches, and sauces in a hefty wrap.

Items like the Orange Chicken "Burrito," salads, and milk teas can be found at Panda Express + Tea Bar locations (Hacienda Heights, Monterey Park, and Westwood) as well as the original Panda Express Innovation Kitchen located in Pasadena, CA.