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Woman Live Streams Her Confrontation with Spirit Airline Staff After Being Charged $105 to Check Her Bag

A women who had flown on Spirit Airlines from Los Angeles to Seattle ended up recording herself as she had a massive meltdown over the company's extra fees and her $105 checked bag.

In a 20 minute recording posted live to Periscope and then to YouTube, the woman who calls herself the “Italian Barbie” became extremely agitated as she waited for an agent to process a refund.

Despite paying the $105 fee to check in a bag and completing the entire journey she waited until she got off the plane to air her grievances.

The Italian Barbie ended up being abusive towards the airline staff and other travelers by the gate.

The Seattle cops listened to her complaints and appeared to sympathize with her.

The video ends with the cop wanting to have a word with her off camera.

It's not clear whether she succeeded in getting her refund. 

Source: Daily Mail