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Woman's Praise for Her Ex's Parenting Skills Goes Viral

A Florida woman’s inspiring tribute to her ex-husband for his parenting skills has gone viral. 

The former couple split up last year, and share a two-year-old son, Pierson.

Jessica Singleton posted on Facebook, “This is my ex. This right here is more valuable than gold. This is a man who doesn't pay a dime through the state because when my son needs new clothes, I just call him. This is a man who buys a bundle of kids' movies on Vudu so even I can enjoy them with my son in my own home. A man who drops off the $45 box of pull-ups at my front door so I don't have to load him up and go to the store.”

The 22-year-old posted several black and white photos of her ex, Jon Megason, with their son, and praised him for telling his son “not to forget mommy's boyfriend when he lists his favorite people off the top of his head” and for labeling gifts he’s purchased "from mommy" when she couldn’t buy him as many.

She admitted it took a long time for them to get to the point they’re at, but then wrote, “In case I haven't told you lately, I'm grateful for you.” The mom also urged other parents to put aside their differences and wrote, “Stop giving excuses and come together for your children."

The post has gotten more than 261,000 likes since it was posted a couple of weeks ago. More than 137,000 people have shared the post and and more than 17,000 have commented, many of them divorced parents or others who have seen how divorces can impact children.

Source: US Weekly