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Flight Attendant Recreates Britney Spears' Toxic Music Video & It's Everything (VIDEO)

Malaysia-based flight attendant Assraf Nasir recreated Britney Spears' "Toxic" music video on one of the airline's empty planes.

The fabulous air hostess channeled his inner Spears and perfectly lip-synced the track and revived the pop star's sexy dance routine on an Airbus A330. Nasir's remake became an Internet sensation after his coworker Roberto Angkin shared the clip on Twitter, which also caught the attention of his big boss, AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes.

"Classic," Fernandes captioned the video on his own Instagram account, adding, "The talent in Airasia never fails to amaze me. @assrafnasir is the best. Love it that staff can just have fun and be themselves."