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This Emotional Photoshoot With A Mother's Egg Donor Will Leave You In Tears

An expectant mother has taken maternity photos that feature her husband and her egg donor. 

Dr. Shannon Clark opened up to Glamour magazine about trying to have her first child over the age of 40, miscarrying a first pregnancy, and going through multiple cycles of in-vitro fertilization.  She and her husband, René Harris, finally decided to use a donor egg, fertilized by Harris and carried by Clark.

While Clark initially struggled with accepting that she would not be the biological mother of her child, the couple decided on a donor named Tara. 

Clark successfully gave birth to twins, Remy Vaughn and Sydney Renee, last year. The shoot took place when Clark was 20 weeks pregnant, during what was her husband's first time meeting their donor.

She explained why she wanted to include Tara in the photos, saying, "I had a strong desire to acknowledge the woman who made my pregnancy possible. I wanted to show how grateful we were to Tara for her selfless act and the beauty of what we had all created together. I reached out to her about doing photos with me, and she agreed."

Source: Red Book Mag, Glamour