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Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal Answer Google's Weirdest Queries

What questions do people Google most about Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal? 

The co-stars of the upcoming movie Life found out today when they answered the search engine's most common autocompleted questions about them in a new video for Wired. 

Reynolds got hilarious questions like, "Is Ryan Reynolds Debbie Reynolds' son?" Ryan replied, "Wow! That would be incredible. The stories I would have!" 

His second-most popular query also concerned his possible Hollywood lineage: "Is Ryan Reynolds related to Ryan Gosling?" 

Gyllenhaal fielded that one by answering, "Canada had sex with America and then they made the two of them and they're twins and both of them tried to eat each other in the womb. They didn't. They survived, and because of the trauma, they both became actors."