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This College Student Made A Dating Resume And It’s Kind Of Incredible

Meet Joey Adams, a 21-year-old junior at Michigan State University.

During hump day Wednesday his friend tagged the student in the class Facebook group's post. 

A girl from the University posted an ad for someone to be her roommate’s formal date. 

Adams’ friend thought he was fit for the challenge!

Ashley Harrington, who had placed the ad, told BuzzFeed News that she decided to “take matters into my own hands” because her roommate had been too busy to meet people.

“Ever since we got back from Christmas break, my roommate had been talking about how she needed a date to her formal, but she has been studying so hard for the MCAT that she hasn’t been able to go out and meet people. She kept complaining, so I decided to take matters into my own hands! I told her the night before I posted it on Facebook that I came up with the perfect way to find her a date. She thought it was hilarious and agreed that I could post it.”

Adam's made a résumé. But it’s not your typical resume it’s was a dating résumé.

Adams’ résumé starts out pretty ordinary with his major, GPA and work experience as a lubricants consultant.

Then it goes onto say he “crying during Marley & Me,” “acting like a dad in public,” and “replying to long texts.” 

He gets real about his greatest weakness, which is rollerblading.

“I’ve always been terrible at rollerblading. Honestly, that’s probably why I’m still single,” Adams told BuzzFeed News. “But I make up for it in other ways, like being an emotional flower and legitimately acting like a dad in public.”

It even breaks down how he uses his time during the day! 

His dating résumé dates back several months ago, Adams said.

“At the beginning of the semester I was in one of the MSU cafeterias and saw this absolutely gorgeous girl. We started making small talk and I worked up the courage to ask her on a date,” he said.

“She asked if I had a dating résumé that she could look at, and when I said no (like any normal person would) she told me no,” he said. “So afterward I decided to make one, so if it ever came up again I could use it in my favor.”

Another MSU student saw the Facebook exchange and shared it on Twitter.

People are truly amazed by the résumé even though he didn't get a date for formal in time.

“Ashley informed me that the mysterious suitor has since asked another guy to formal. I never actually talked with the girl who originally needed a date, just Ashley, who originally made the Facebook post,” he said.

Ashley Harrington told BuzzFeed News that she “was definitely rooting for Joe to be chosen!”

Adams went on to say.

“A lot of girls have contacted me since,” Adams said. “I’ve gotten a few texts asking me to other formals/wedding dates, so this wasn’t a lost cause.”

“It definitely stinks that I won’t be going, but I put myself out there and made a lot of people laugh in the meantime,” he said. “As Michael Scott once said, ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’”