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Is This The Most OCD Girlfriend Ever?

A woman who clearly has very little faith in her boyfriend has sketched a detailed list of instructions on how he should care for her plants while she is away.  

Reddit user SevoPropJet posted a photo of the instructions, which are color-coded and feature illustrations of each plant. 

The organized list is divided into three sections, one for each room in her home, and she even took the time to add detailed drawings of each, with short descriptions such as 'braided plant' and 'tiny leaf'.

The woman wrote the location of each plant in black, the amount of water each needed in blue, and the frequency they needed to be tended to in green.

One Reddit user suggested that his girlfriend was 'testing' him because you need to be able to take care of plants before you can take care of babies. 

Some people took offense to the guy implying that his girlfriend has 'OCD' just because she left him thoughtful instructions.