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LeAnn Rimes Allegedly Paid To Have Brandi Glanville Harassed Online

Does Leann really have inner peace if she is hiring people to harass others online? 

Brandi Glanville stopped following her ex-hubby'd wife LeAnn Rimes on all social media- and a gossip blog claims to know why.

According to James McGibney, the owner of website Bullyville, the reason Glanville unfollowed Rimes has to do with a document involving the “testimony of a convicted felon, Brandon King, who admitted on the record that he was hired by Leann to allegedly stalk and harass people online.”

McGibney states, “Brandon King is a convicted felon who was hired by the Spina Law Firm out of New Jersey. We heard through some back channels that the Spina law firm hired Brandon to troll celebrities online. Until I got my hands on that transcript, it was pretty hard to prove that he worked for them.”

Allegedly, the documents specifically state the following: King states: “I have a contract with Leanna Rimes.” 

When asked if “All of those contracts go through Spina Law Firm,” King responds, “Yes, sir.”

King claims he is paid by Spina Law Firm as a “computer expert.” 

King also claims to have clients that are not clients of Spina Law Firm, including Rimes and Joanna Krupa!