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Starbucks Barista Receives A Sweet Apology Letter And $50 From A Rude Customer

A Starbucks barista in Bishop, California, was surprised when his drive-thru customer returned with $50 and a card to apologize for her rude behavior from the previous day. 

Andrew Richardson admitted he didn't think was rude.  

The customer, Debbie had ordered multiple drinks on Monday.  

He informed Debbie that the business was out of drink carriers and she became 'a touch frustrated like anyone would be.' 

In addition to being out of drink carriers, he was unable to take Debbie's trash because it would violate California health code. 

He said Debbie became 'a bit more frustrated' but nothing he would consider rude.

So, Richardson was surprised when Debbie returned the following day with the gifts

They chatted for a few minutes and Richardson said Debbie's in-person apology alone was enough to lift his spirits, without the card and money.