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"Jon And Kate Plus 8" Dad Will Now Take On New Career Path... As A Stripper

Former reality star, Jon Gosselin, is breaking into the world of adult entertainment. 

After the end of his marriage to Kate Gosselin, which was featured on TLC's “John and Kate Plus 8,” Jon has now landed a new gig as a stripper.

He’s performing with the 'Untamed Male Revue' out of Dusk Nightclub in Atlantic City. Gosselin is set to take the stage for a one-night only event on April 1st, and it looks like he's not holding anything back. 

He tweeted, "No plans next weekend? Check it out, my big debut...? AC, Caesars, Dusk, untamed, Saturday April 1st!"  Gosselin has also been working as a DJ and is dating registered nurse Colleen Conrad.

Source: E! Online