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Most Intelligent Actors- One's You Would Never Think Of

A discussion on the website, Quora, has revealed some of the most intelligent stars in Hollywood - and they might well surprise you. These celebs won’t need to worry about the future if they decide to quit showbiz.

LISA KUDROW: The 53-year-old actress is best known for her role as “Phoebe” on the sitcom, “Friends.” But in real life her head, Lisa has a reported IQ of 154. (An IQ over 120 is considered superior.) She graduated from Vassar College with a science degree and was part of her physician dad's research team for 8 years while working on her acting career.  

SYLVESTER STALLONE: The action star has a reported IQ of 160 - the same as Albert Einstein - and in 1977 he was nominated for an Oscar for both Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay for writing the hit film Rocky. He's also a talented painter, who’s pieces sell for more than $90,000.

MIRA SORVINO: She won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in “Mighty Aphrodite,” but she also attended Harvard in the 1980s, and completed an exchange program in Beijing, where she became fluent in Mandarin. She graduated magna cum laude, with a degree in East Asian Studies.

KATE BECKINSALE: The “Underworld” star studied French and Russian literature at Oxford university. She also won the WH Smith Young Writers Award for both fiction and poetry twice when she was growing up.

JODIE FOSTER: As a child star, she learned to read at the age of three. She was also valedictorian at a French-language pre-school, and is now a fluent speaker. She studied literature at Yale in 1980 and graduated in the top of her class in 1985.

GEENA DAVIS: The actress is well known for her talent, but she also founded the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media in 2007, to campaign for a better balance of female to male characters in children's programs, and to combat stereotyping of women. Thanks to an IQ of 140, she's also a member of Mensa and is a talented musician who has mastered the piano, flute, and pipe organ.

KEN JEONG: He's best known for his role as the gangster Leslie Chow in the “Hangover” trilogy, but Ken is currently starring in the ABC series, “Dr. Ken,” which he created, wrote and produced, based on his own experiences of working as a doctor. He was also a gifted student on the High IQ team at his school, where he also played violin in the orchestra and graduated at 16 with a Youth Of The Year Award.

MAYIM BIALIK: Mayim took a break from acting to study neuroscience at the University of California. She went on to earn her PhD, and has written a parenting book about the hormones involved in bonding with your child, as well as starring in “The Big Bang Theory.”

Source: Daily Mail