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Jon Gosselin Looses 25 Pounds And The Reason Isn't What You Might Think It Is

Jon and Kate Plus 8's Jon Gosselin is minus 25 pounds ahead of his stripping debut at an Atlantic City nightclub on April 1. 

"I lost 25 pounds--for my health, too," he tells Page Six. "I have hereditary blood pressure, so I started dieting. My girlfriend is a nurse practitioner. I just try to be healthy." 

He adds that he may strip to some "old school" tunes. 

"I always think about Tupac's 'Changes,'" he admits. "If you listen to the words, it really professes a lot of things. Part of me is Bobby Brown 'My Prerogative.' Because it is my prerogative!" 

Even so, he adds that he ran his stripping gig past his eight kids before taking the job. 

"I cleared it with them," he says. "They're teenagers now. They understand this stuff."

Source: Page Six