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FOX And NBC Go Head To Head To Bring 'American Idol' Back

NBC and FOX are going up against each other for a chance to bring "American Idol" back to primetime television. 

Both networks have reportedly submitted bids to FremantleMedia, which owns the show. A decision could come as early as this week.

Multiple sources say that NBC wants the show in part to resolve a problem with "The Voice." The network reportedly doesn't want to oversaturate the market with the show, which airs twice a year.

Sources say that Adam Levine also only wants to do 1 cycle a year. If NBC gets 'Idol,' it would rotate the shows and air each one once a year.

Both networks want Ryan Seacrest to return as the show’s host. Sources say the target date for bringing 'Idol' back is either Summer 2018 or mid-season 2019.

FOX never gave up on the show ... it just became way too expensive to produce with the talent costs of Seacrest, J Lo, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. The reboot would have a new panel of judges.

Source: TMZ