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James Van Der Beek Gives Super Awkward Interview About 'Dawson's Creek'

James Van Der Beek survived the most awkward interview ever when he recently appeared on the British show This Morning, which saw the hosts not-so-subtly throwing shade at his acting career by making it seem like he hasn't worked since starring in Dawson's Creek

"What happened to the main man himself, Mr. James Van Der Beek?" one of the anchors asked rhetorically as they showed a photo of Van Der Beek from more than 20 years ago. "He's here now, and that's what he looks like."

 The actor was visibly annoyed. "I have been on television the last 20 years, just to let you know," he remarked. 

When the hosts went on to assure him that they knew he'd been busy, but then proceeded to ask him about Dawson's Creek, he responded, "From what I remember. It was a long time ago." 

Viewers took to Twitter after the cringe-inducing segment to call out the co-hosts for their behavior. "Ooh harsh intro," one tweeted. Another commented, "Great job on being d**ks, what a demeaning start to an interview! No wonder he felt awkward @vanderjames."