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This Mario Themed Bar Will Bring Back Childhood Memories

Washington, D.C is about to have a major throwback to our childhood!

There is a Mario themed bar opening up in the area. 

Drink Company is a group of bars under the ownership of cocktail expert Derek Brown who has put together some Cherry Blossom PUBs (Pop-Up Bars) to celebrate cherry blossom season in the nation's capital.

One of the pop-up bars is in Mockingbird Hill and since it is so popular among the crowd t roughly takes about two hours to get a seat in the bar! 

Would you wait that long to just have a drink in this themed bar? 

The bar has themed drinks for your Mario themed birthday party including: King Koopa Cup, Press Start + A, What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Smaller, and I Call Yoshi!

If this is something that will make your life complete you better make a run for it because the pop-up themed bar will only run until April 15!

Princess Peach approves of the pop up themed bar!