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WATCH: EPIC Proposal-John Stamos Helps A Guy Out When Asking His Girlfriend To Marry Him

Meet Doug Cox, a San Francisco man who recently penned a hilarious letter to John Stamos asking him for help proposing to his girlfriend Katrina Firenze. 

"You see, John, my girlfriend has a John Stamos problem. Therefore...I have a John Stamos problem," he wrote. "I want to marry this woman. But there is a brick wall in the way that resembles a 6-foot-tall Greek god with better hair than me." Cox then pleaded, "The way I see it, if you won’t marry her, please at least ask her to marry me... I have invested 3 years of my life without so much as an eye roll when she talks about you. Dude… you owe me." 

Cox went on to request a signed photo from Stamos asking Firenze to marry him. However, the Fuller House star did him one better and recorded a video message for her. 

"From what I see here... you’re a handsome man, you have nice hair, good beard, got beautiful blue eyes," Stamos declares in his clip. "Katrina, I would say yes to this." 

Firenze did say yes. However, she admits to People that her love for Stamos is now greater than ever. 

Source: People