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A Pancake Eating Contest Turned Deadly, Taking The Life Of A 20 Year Old College Girl

A Connecticut college student whose father was killed in the 9/11 attacks has died days after taking part in a charity pancake-eating competition with her sorority.

20-year-old Sacred Heart University junior, Caitlin Nelson, went to a Greek Life dinner Thursday night for the flapjack eating contest. 

Witnesses said she ate four or five pancakes before she fell on the floor and started shaking uncontrollably. She spit some of the food out, but was still choking.

The Fairfield Police Department said cops rushed to the scene and tried to clear her airway, but their attempts failed. Nelson was in school on a scholarship set aside for children of people killed during the attacks on September 11th, 2001.

A source said of Nelson, “She was a sweet, sweet, sweet kid. Full of life. Vibrant. It's horrible. Her mom kept that kid focused on the straight and narrow. To die for a charity eating pancakes after the dad went down is terribly sad. You worry about everything else that could go wrong with your kids and this happens.”

Source: NY Daily Mail