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Mischa Barton Explains Her Exhaustion That Led To Prescription Drugs And Psychiatric Hold

Mischa Barton discussed her leaked sex tape, mental breakdown and all the misconceptions surrounding the actress since the end of “The O.C.” during Monday's airing of "Dr. Phil."

Barton told Dr. Phil that her ex-boyfriend (Jon Zacharias, who Barton does not name in the interview) made the sex tape to emotionally blackmail the actress.

Barton said, “I feel very conned by the whole thing. It’s somebody I trusted, somebody I thought I loved”.   She admits she had only known Zacharias for a total of “3 or 4 weeks.

At the time of her short-lived relationship, Barton confessed she was in a vulnerable place. She took responsibility for putting herself in the initial situation with Zacharias, and added that she should have stayed closer to the friends who kept her grounded for many years. 

“People have a way of finding you,” she said. “They can really work their way into your lives if they have an evil purpose like this in so many different ways. And you can be manipulated in so many different ways. It’s just absolutely shocking that they would want to and that they would have this kind of master plan from the second you meet somebody that you have to now fear or think that they might be trying to do something like that to you, and that’s horrible.”

Barton believed the entire situation was premeditated and that she was targeted. She also described her post-birthday mental breakdown as “horrific,” telling Dr. Phil she was drugged with GHB, the common date-rape drug, and then filmed by her neighbor.

She explained, “The paramedics said I showed all the symptoms of GHB, and I know I was drugged. I’ve never behaved like that from drinking or anything, but I am certain.”

Dr. Phil brought up the fact that GHB is a powerful sedative and doesn’t typically cause erratic behavior.

Barton replied, “A lot of people think I lied,” adding that she’s not a doctor and not 100 percent certain of what was put into her system.

Barton said she woke up at Cedars Sinai Hospital after blacking out during the “terrifying” experience, even though initial reports said she was admitted voluntarily.

“I certainly didn’t want to kill myself,” she told Dr. Phil. “I want to make it very clear that I would not lie about these things. It’s just not in my character.”

Barton claimed she did not know the neighbor who filmed her from her window and that the woman sold the tape within minutes, which, according to Barton, was another premeditated attack against her.

Regarding her 2007 DUI arrest and being placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold in 2009, Barton blamed a lack of care by her team, the people she said should have been watching her while she was medicated.

Barton told Dr. Phil she just wants to shake the "crazy" stigma.

Source: TooFab