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Oreo Introduces A New Flavor And It's Kind Of Redundant

The latest Oreo flavor to be released is Cookies & Crème, as in “Oreo-flavored Oreos.”

The flavor’s being released for a limited time and it’s available exclusively at Walmart. It was launched as a result of a program called “Oreo Vote,” where Walmart customers were asked to vote on one of three new Walmart-exclusive flavors for 2017.

The other two choices were Jelly Donut or Caramel Apple.Cookies & Crème Oreos will now be available at Walmart locations nationwide for the next four to six weeks.

The cookies are described as having an “Oreo base cake with cream and cookie bit inclusions.” 

The packaging also makes it clear that the new flavor is meant to be a riff on Cookies & Crème ice cream.

Source: People