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There's A New Food Trending... And It's Called "Spaghetti Donut"

The latest trendy food hybrid in New York City combines an Italian dinner staple with a deep-fried dessert. Pop Pasta is selling a spaghetti donut that is savory, not sweet.

The restaurant started selling its signature dish at the weekly Smorgasburg food festival in Brooklyn, New York, and it's already a must-visit stand.

Pop Pasta's donut is a spaghetti pie that’s made using pasta leftovers. The spaghetti is mixed with egg and cheese, and then deep fried. In Pop Pasta's case, it's fried in the shape of a donut, rather than a pie.

The stand sells flavors including traditional red sauce, carbonara, bolognese, aglio e olio, and zucchini, and it’s working on more options.

The spaghetti donut has become a popular sell-out item, but some haters have slammed the invention online. One person wrote, 'Excuse me but what is this monstrosity people are calling a spaghetti donut?' asked one. Another asked, 'Who said, "U know what this donut needs? Spaghetti!!"?'

Source: Daily Mail