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Real Life Clowns Are Super Pissed That The Movie 'It' Is Being Remade

Last week the first trailer for Steven King’s "It" was released. It scored a record 197 million views in 24 hours.  The only people not excited were actual clowns who know how little they are liked these days.  

Like Guilford Adams, a.k.a. GILLY THE CLOWN.  He says, quote, "It's a dying profession.  And the people who do it and scrape together a living have to grapple with the fact that it's cool and hip not to like clowns . . .

"This is going to turn young consumers away from an art form that's sweet and nice and not about the Kardashians and Minecraft."

He adds, quote, "No one sticks up for a clown.  The only thing cooler to dislike is a mime.  It's silly and stupid, and I wish people would focus on the good clowns out there."  

The clown trade is plummeting, especially after the real life clown scares of last year.  

The remake of "It" is due for release September 8.