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Two Sisters Give Their Stepmom An Unexpected Birthday Surprise & It Will Make You Cry

A stepmom's  gets an unexpected birthday surprise. 

Her two stepdaughters asked her to officially adopt them.

She met the girls’ father in 1998 and married him three years later. 

Since then she has raised the girls as her own after their biological mother left them when they were young. 

She was in tears, telling reporters she had no idea they were doing it, but it was the best birthday ever. 

She always felt like they were her own. 

The emotional moment was caught on tape. 

She was given a stack of papers, with the top ones listing all the reasons her stepdaughter loved her so much. 

When she got to the bottom of the stack she found the adoption papers. 

One daughter wrote on her Facebook, 

"She is like no other woman I know. She came into our lives when we were young, she could've left at any time, but she didn't. She stayed. She's my best friend. I seriously wouldn't be the woman I am today without her."

The other girl wrote, "Now that I'm an adult, I've come to the conclusion that she deserves to be recognized for everything she's done for us. She put her life on hold sometimes for us. She’s always considered us as her own."

They will all be officially family in a few months.