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Kylie Jenner Goes to Prom With Guy Who Got Rejected By The Girl He Asked

Kylie took a private jet to show up at the prom with her BFF, Jordyn Woods. The 19-year-old apparently agreed to go with the high school student after he got turned down by the first girl he asked.

The high school junior became an instant legend among his peers on Saturday night when he surprised them all by turning up at prom with the reality star on his arm.

One of Albert’s friends tweeted, “Imagine rejecting a prom date & the guy that asked you takes Kylie. Shout out to Albert Ochoa for that comeback.' Another friend tweeted, “You go dude!”

Videos were shared online that showed the moment the handsome teen walked into the prom with Kylie, causing total chaos. 

Even the girl who initially turned him down seemed to have regrets. Her sister tweeted, 'kylie jenner for reals went to rio prom tonight with the guy my sister turned down.' 

She explained her sister hadn't disliked Albert, but rather 'she turned him down bc it was her friends older brother but STILL.'

Kylie attended high school until the end of ninth grade, but she was then home-schooled until she graduated in 2015, so she never got to have her own prom.

Source: People, Daily Mail