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Man Loses His Job And Spends Last Paycheck On Something Great

We've all seen it before... a homeless person holding a sign, begging for money. So when it's your turn to stop at the light, do you make the decision to keep the window rolled up? Or do you roll it down and wave them on?

Tim Owens experienced it first hand and documented it.

Owens had it going for him, he had a great paying job at a director-level position at a major media company. In the blink of his eye, he was laid off.

With a wife and three children at home, Owens took a look at his last and final paycheck and gained a new perspective on life.

This time he was going to be the man in the middle of the street, giving away every last bit of his pay check... $50 at a time.

He says he realized that there were plenty of other people out there that needed the money more than him.

"A guy in a work truck, that clearly has a job had no money... I had to beg [him]... to take the money." Owens said. 

So one by one, stoplight by stoplight, Owens would meet new sets of cars. Some would roll up the windows as he would approach them and some would take the initiative to share a few words. 

"I would try to find the cars that look like they were beat up, their windows were down, you could spot that they had no AC. Those were the easiest ones to approach because they couldn't roll up their window and tell me no" he said.

The sign he held read 'It's better to give than receive.' So as he would approach cars to give them money, drivers would ask if he was actually serious. 

His response was always the same,"my needs are met, my needs are met."

Source: USA Today